Dr. MuHammad Amjad lqbal

Researcher, SIPL, GIST, South Korea 
Associate Professor University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan 
Phone: 0082 062-715 3258 (off) 
0082 10-3390 5220 (mob)
Email: amjad.iqbal@ucp.edu.pk or amjadiqbal@gist.ac.kr



To apply my knowledge towards betterment of society by working in a dynamic organization under the visionary leadership


2007-2010                  NUCES, FAST                    Islamabad

  • PhD Computer Science                                   
  • Thesis Title: “Function Optimization and Clustering using Computational Intelligence Techniques
  • Under supervision of Dr. A. Rauf Baig with major focus on
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Multimodal Function Optimization
  • Data Clustering
  • Image Segmentation

2004–2006                    NUCES, FAST                                   Islamabad

  • MS leading to PhD(CS)
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Immune System
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data mining
  • 2000-2003                     BZ University                                    Multan

M.Sc.(Computer Science)


International Journal Accepted Papers

  1. Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, Naveed Kazim Khan, Hassan Mujtaba, A. Rauf Baig, “A Novel Function Optimization Approach using Opposition based Genetic Algorithm with Gene Excitation”, International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC indexed by ISI) Issue 7, No. 7, March 2011 [Impact factor 2.93].
  1. M. Arfan Jaffar, Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, Ayyaz Hussain, A. Rauf Baig, Anwar M. Mirza, “Genetic Fuzzy based Automatic Lungs Segmentation from CT scans Images” International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC indexed by ISI) Issue 7, No. 4, March 2011 [Impact factor 2.93, JCR 2011].


  1. Hasan Mujtaba, Rauf Baig, Zahid Halim and Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, “Self-Motivated and Task-Oriented, Multi-Dimensional Learning in a Dynamic and Uncertain Environment without Human intervention”, International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC indexed by ISI) Issue 7, No. 4, April 2011 [Impact factor 2.93, JCR 2011]
  1. Muhammad Ramzan, M. Qasim, M. Amjad Iqbal, Arfan Jaffar, Sajid Anwar, “A Genetic Algorithm based Approach for Conflicts Resolution in Requirements”, International Journal of the Physical Sciences (IJPS) Volume 6, No. 4 (Indexed by ISI Impact Factor 0.48, JCR 2010)


  1. Muhammad Ramzan, M. Arfan Jaffar, M. Amjad Iqbal, Sajid Anwar, Abdul Rauf, Arshad A. Shahid, “Value Based Conflict Identification and Resolution in Project Management using Genetic Algorithms”, Springer Journal of Telecommunication Systems, (indexed by ISI Impact factor 0.396)
  1. Naveed Kazim Khan, Abdul Rauf Baig, Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, “Opposition-Based Discrete PSO Using Natural Encoding for Classification Rule Discovery”, Int J Adv Robotic Sy 9(191), 2012[Impact Factor 0.375, JCR 2012]


International Journal Submitted Papers

  1. Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, A. Rauf Baig,”MOCAIM: Multi- Objective Clustering using Artificial Immune System”, Journal of Chinese Institute of Engineers (JCIE), [Impact Factor 0.227] (Submitted).
  1. Kazim Khan Naveed, Iqbal Muhammad Amjad, Baig Abdul Rauf, “A New Discrete PSO for Data Classification”, Journal of Computing And Informatics (SCI-E Indexed), (Recommended).

International Conferences Accepted Papers

  1. Abdul Wahab, Adnan Abid, Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, Cognitive Storage Model and Mapping with Classical Data Structures, ICCSS-2013, Merdan, Pakistan.
  2. Ghulam Ali, Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, Binary Neural Network for Human Emotions Classification, CSAE 2013, Guangzhou, China.
  3. Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, Naveed Kazim Khan, Sheeraz Akram, A. Rauf Baig , “Hybrid Mutation based Evolutionary approach for Function Optimization”, International Conference on Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology (ICCIT-2012), Jeju Island, Korea.
  4. Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, A. Rauf Baig, “Opposition based Genetic Algorithm with Cauchy Mutation for Function Optimization” International Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2010 Seoul, Korea.
  5. Muhammad Ramzan, Arfan Jaffar, Abdul Rauf, Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, Arshad Ali Shahid, “Genetic Algorithm Based Project Scheduling”, International Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2010 Seoul, Korea.
  6. Kazim Khan Naveed, Iqbal Muhammad Amjad, Baig Abdul Rauf, “A New Discrete PSO for Data Classification”, International Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2010, Seoul, Korea.
  7. Muhammad Ramzan, M. Arfan Jaffar, Sajid Anwar, Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, Arshad Ali Shahid, Value Based Fuzzy Requirement Prioritization and its Evaluation Framework”, ICICIC 2009, Taiwan.
  8. Muhammad Rashid, A. Rauf Baig, and Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, “Honey Bee Foraging PSO Algorithm with Self-Adjusting Neighborhood Size”, International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering, ICATE, 2009.
  9. M. Arfan Jaffar, Qurat-ul-Ain, Sohail Masood, Muhammad Amjad Iqbal, Arshad Javed and Anwar M. Mirza, “Fuzzy Curvelet based Fully Automated Segmentation of Brain from MRI images” International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications, 2009.
  10. Naveed Kazim Khan,  Muhammad Amjad Iqbal , A. Rauf Baig, “Data Mining by Discrete PSO using Natural Encoding”, FutureTech2010, Korea.


2010-Current   Faculty of IT, University of Central Punjab (UCP)      Lahore                                                                   
Associate Professor
Major course taught during my tenure at UCP so far include:

  • Dynamic Modeling
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Neural Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Image Processing

2009-2010          UIIT, PMAS-Arid Agri. University,             Rawalpindi                                                                    
Assistant Professor
Major course taught during my tenure at UIIT so far include:

  • Distributed Database Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Theory of Automata
  • Computer Communication and Networks
  • Data Structure and Algorithms

2008-2009           NUCES, FAST,                       Islamabad                                                                   
Visiting Faculty Member

  • Major courses I taught at NUCES-FAST includes
  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Theory of Automata
  • IT in Business

2008–2009                    Fatima Jinnah Women University     Rawalpindi
Visiting Faculty Member

  • Computational Intelligence
  • Network Programming

2006–2007                    Federal Urdu University                      Islamabad
Visiting Faculty Member

  • System Programming (BS)
  • Theory of programming languages

2007– 2008                   Bahria University                             Islamabad
Visiting Faculty Member

  • Theory of Formal Languages (MS)
  • Introduction to Computer Science (BS)                              

Fall 2007                       IBMS, Agriculture University            Peshawar
Visiting Faculty Member

  • Web Security (MS)
  • Network Programming (MS)
  • Artificial Intelligence (MS)

2003–2007                    Govt. P. G. College(W), 6th Road        Rawalpindi
Visiting Faculty Member

  • Conducted computer science courses which include.
  • Analysis of algorithms
  • Web Security
  • Data Structure
  • Intro. To Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Communication & Network
  • Academic tasks as Associate Professor at FIT, University of Central Punjab:
  • Three students are currently working under my supervision for their PhD research work
  • Two students have already completed their MS thesis under my supervision.
  • Four students currently under supervision for MS thesis (one in thesis writing process, three in research phase)
  • Chairperson to the Committee of FIT’s Quality Enhancement Cell with responsibility of course management and feedback. Major achievements under this responsibility
    •  Lead to the Committee for Accreditation of BSCS in FIT
    • And successfully manage a visit of Audit Inspection Team (NCEAC) for the accreditation.
  • One BS (CS) Senior Design project completed
  • One BS(CS) Senior Design Project in progress
  • Convener FIT’s Disciplinary Committee
  • Member Committee for Unfair Means Cases (UMC Committee)
  • Member Board of Study since 2010
  • Member UCP Academic Council since 2010
  • Member Faculty Hiring Panel for FIT since 2010
  • Member Graduate Program Committee of FIT since 2010


 References will be furnished as the need arise.